Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Laila Quinn Shires is Here!

Hello everyone!  Not only have I been pretty bad about consistently posting your lovely faces to the blog, but I have also been quite hesitant to post any photos of our newest edition on social media.  So I figured I would breathe a little life back into the blog and decided this would be the appropriate place to post some photos of our Laila Quinn! Nothing says family like a new, snuggly, sweet little baby.  Here are a few photos that we (yes, hubby took the camera, too!) managed to get while we were in the hospital.  We are so in love!

All of that said, I'll be back from maternity leave in March 2015 - just in time for spring family photos!!!!  I'm starting to book now :)

Laila Quinn Shires

Daddy's "bed"

Poop, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Room 309

First Family Photo

The best nurse on earth, Junelyn


Filling Out Birth Cert Paperwork

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